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At Luma Men's Grooming, the essential characteristics of the product are disclosed, for further information or questions about existing information, please send an email to lumabeardads@gmail.com.


All prices are daily prices and are only valid on the day of ordering your product. Prices can change regularly. The buyer will be billed at the price - if Luma Men's Grooming accepts the order - valid on the day of the order. All prices are shown incl. VAT.


The purchaser's order from  https://lumabeard.co.uk/ does not constitute a binding acceptance, but a mandatory offer to Luma Men's Grooming to purchase the item under the terms stated. A binding agreement between the buyer and Luma Men's Grooming is only concluded when Luma Men's Grooming accepts an offer by the buyer on an Order Confirmation.


The account information you enter when purchasing products is sent directly in encrypted form (SSL), and only you and the Payment Service Provider have access to this information. Thus, no one else sees or stores the information about you. When purchasing with a credit card, the amount will be deducted from your account as soon as the goods depart from Luma Men's Grooming.

We accept Visa Card and Mastercard from all countries.

In the countries stated below we also use the following alt.

Gift cards

At the moment it is not possible to buy or pay with gift cards at Luma Men's Grooming.


Complaints must be made within a reasonable period after receipt of the goods, and the buyer is thus required to check the products as soon as possible after arrival.